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Trackless Train Rentals

We rent Trackless Trains for corporate events to home parties that are electric so they are super quiet and be indoors as well!

Our Trackless Train Rental is fully licensed and insured and inspected yearly by the state dept.

So, if you are near local GA, rent a trackless train today!

All of our rides are fully licensed and insured and

inspected yearly

by the state dept.

Trackless Train

Sit down! Take a rest!

Ride on the Action Packed Express!



Fully Insured and State Inspected

Up to 18 riders at a time

Price Includes Attendant

Trackless Train Rentals
Trackless Train
If you have a child who watches
Thomas the Train,
I bet they have turned into a train fanatic!
Imagine that little one seeing
THIS Action Packed Train!
The smile on their face
Will show they are ecstatic!
Complete with bells and
Choo Choo Train whistles,
This train has it all!
So, rent a trackless train today.
Your child will have a ball!
No Gas and No Carbon Emissions,
so this train can be used indoors too!
(Which means if it rains,
we can take this train inside
of a school, church, etc
and not have any dangerous fumes to inhale.)
Also, because it is electric,
it does not sound like a lawn mower engine.

Inside or Outside

We do NOT drive on the grass!

We do NOT drive up or down hills!

Our train is Electric, so it can go inside!

Call For Pricing

(Some conditions may apply)

Rental Price is based on 

# of Hours and Distance

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