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Corporate event ideas like the wipe out game, a corn maze, laser tag, or axe throwing.

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Virtual Reality Game


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Virtual Reality Game Rental
Virtual Reality Games are not only the newest  thing in technology,
but one of the BEST Corporate Event ideas EVER!
Have you every played VR?
Well, if you haven't played VR yet, YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO!
When you're in the virtual reality world,
you can't even see or feel the REAL world around you!
You just can't describe in words just how awesome it is!
And if you've seen someone play VR,
it's funny to watch them wander around aimlessly
poking and swiping at thin air, but what it  you could actually see them
and see what they are actually poking and swiping at! (Like in the video above)
WAAAAYYYY more entertaining!
And THAT'S what we've done! When you're having a corporate event,
you want EVERYONE to have fun at the same time!
So, we've taken our time to do the research
to put the different technologies together to come up with a
virtual reality system that makes everything more clear than it does on a Playstation, which means you won't get dizziness or motion sickness!
AND, we've tested and chosen the games that are less complex to learn,
but super fun to play and watch!
Then, to top it off, we've made it so that the people waiting to play
are being  entertained as well!
You can even take home a video of YOU playing IN the virtual reality game!
Are you ready for the time of your life?
Then, let's get real!

Battlezone Jousting



27'L x 31'W x 15'H

Battlezone Jousting Inflatable Game Rental
Make your Corporate Event, College, Church, or School Event spectacular!
Climb up to the platform
And get your balance on!
Jousting in a whole new way
On this HUGE new Battle Zone!
Who will be left standing?
Who will be the first to fall?
Make sure you take some videos
As these jousters will have a ball!
(The bottom surface is made out of a
Zero Shock system,
so you cannot get hurt when you fall)

Wipe Out Game



21'L x 40'W x 12'H

Hop n Flop Wipe Out Inflatable Event Game
No Corporate Event, Church, or School Event would be complete without a Wipe Out Game!
Can you jump from Ball to Ball?
All the way to the other side?
Or will you WIPE OUT "gracefully"
On this super awesome ride?
Other companies have the same unit
WITHOUT the zero shock system!
Which means that you are landing on a normal
air mattress that could result in injuries.
Our Wipe Out Game has the zero shock system
to land on, which makes it super safe!
It cost us a lot more, but SAFETY is number 1!

Corn Maze Inflatable



50'L x 40'W x 12'H

Corn Maze
can also be
used with
Laser Tag!
Perfect Corporate Event Idea
for any Corporate Event,
Church, or School Fall Festival!
Don't get lost
Or you could be here
For Days!
See if you can
Find your way
Through this amazing
Corn Maze!

Nerf Maze Madness



24'L x 42'W x 9'H

Includes 10 Nerf Guns, Nerf Darts, Goggles

You can add
Laser Tag Guns
for an additional $100
Imagine a crazy maze filled
With hundreds of
Foam Nerf darts!
And players of ALL ages can play!
Step on in to this
And just have a "blast"
It's Nerf Maze Madness
I say!

Laser Tag With Bunkers



Can be set up in various configurations

Great for
Team Building
Our Laser Tag Game
comes with inflatable bunkers!
We can set up inside or outside!
We only use the best laser tag guns too!
The AK-12LT Predator!
We can set up for various types of game play.
Our Laser Tag Game comes with an attendant!
Pricing depends on type of package,
so please call to discuss all options!

Nerf Maze Invader



24'L x 42'W x 9'H

Includes 10 Nerf Guns, Nerf Darts, Goggles

You can add
Laser Tag Guns
for an additional $100
It's Nerf Maze Madness
Outer Space Style!
So, give your worldly cares
A break for awhile.
Hop on in
And let the fun begin!
With either Nerf or Laser
In this Galactic Spaceship
Nerf Maze Invader

Nerf Maze Craze



18'L x 33'W x 8'H

Includes 10 Nerf Guns, Nerf Darts, Goggles

You can add
Laser Tag Guns
for an additional $100

Nerf or Laser

Not enough space for the Nerf Maze Madness?
Then, here it is!
The Nerf Maze Craze!
The same crazy maze filled with hundreds
Of foam Nerf Darts!
And players of ALL ages can play!
So, step on in to this AWESOME FUN arena
And just have a "blast"
It's the Nerf Maze Craze, I say!

Lumberjack Attack (Single)


10'L x 8'W x 9'H

Don't worry!
It's an INFLATABLE game!
But Axe Throwing just the same!
One of the BEST Carnival Event Games ever!
And absolutely a new endeavor!
So, try being a Lumberjack
Don't be shy!
Throw that axe and let it fly!

Shooting Gallery


15'L x 16'W x 8.5'H

Perfect Corporate Event Idea for
Corporate Carnival Events!
Shoot the target
When the light comes on.
How accurate will you be?
Take a look at the scoreboard
When you're done
And everyone will see!

Whack A Penguin


4.5'L x 9'W x 6.5'H

Whack those Penguins!
Each time they light up!
Hurry! Hurry!
Your competition is catching up!
Don't let'm get away. Don't let'm run!
WOW! This game is so much fun!
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30'L x 30'W x 6'H

Hungry Hippos Inflatable Style!
Who can retrieve
The most balls?
Slap on your bungee vest
And let's see!
It's like mania out there!
And these Hippos
sure are hungry!

Wacky Wrecking Ball



25'L x 25'W x 16'H

Stand on your pedestal,
Don't fall off, now!
To avoid the Wrecking Ball,
You must take a bow!
Or duck or squat
or whatever you must do,
To be the last one standing
In your Wrecking Ball crew!

Bumper Balls


42'L x 24'W x 4'H

It's soccer played
In a whole new way!
Bumper Balls
Come on, let's play!
Bumpity Bump!
Knock your opponents down!
And watch them roll
All across the ground!

Human Foosball


20'L x 45'W x 7'H

No wooden players in THIS foosball game!
This is foosball - FOR REAL!
So, let's see what kind of skills you have
Because YOU are the REAL DEAL!
This inflatable game is perfect for
Corporate Team Building.
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Lumberjack Attack (Double)


10'L x 16'W x 9'H

Double up the competition
With this Double Lumberjack Attack!
Super safe
When you use
Velcro axes!
Unlike real axes
That could hurt you
When they bounce back!

Lightning Speed Arena


13'L x 14'W x 10'H

Do you have
Lightning Speed
Hand / Eye Co-ordination?
Then, this game's for you!
Hit the lights
As they light up.
And they light up super fast!

Bright Light Fight


Cone Light Up Game

Not enough room
for the Lightning Speed Arena?
Down let that make you frown!
Because The New Bright Light Fight
Will turn your frown upside down!
Same game, but set up in cones
So, you can place them in hallways
of churches, schools, or homes!




50'L x 15'W x 15'H

This Obstacle Course has a secret surprise
Waiting for you.
So, go ahead and try to dash on through!
Run, Duck, and Jump to the end if you dare!
Because Boulders are swinging EVERYWHERE!
No more "boring"waiting in line.
Even while you wait, you get to play!
So, swing that boulder towards the runner
And see if they can get away!

High Voltage Wrecking Ball



25'L x 25'W x 16'H

This Wrecking Ball
Is High Voltage Stuff.
And when you play,
You just can't get enough!
You'll laugh and giggle
Jump, Duck, and Wiggle
To Avoid that Wrecking Ball
Swinging in the middle!

Hamster or Zorb Balls


75'L x 23'W x 4'H

You can be just like a hamster
When you get in the giant ball
And roll down the track!
Race against your "hamster" friend!
Get that ball moving and don't look back!
(The height of the ball is 9 feet)
So, keep that in mind when picking the location.
Colors of the track may vary

Airborne Adventure Parachute Ride


14'L x 14'W x 21'H

Take a ride into the sky
Then, pretend like you can fly!
Float back down not making a sound
And make your landing safe on the ground!
(except for one thing, I have to say
there may be some giggles along the way!)
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Race to the Top



35'L x 35'W x 12'H

4-16 people can compete at one time!
Hurry! Hurry! Race to the Top!
Grab a "baton" and bring it back down.
Oh, but this is surely NOT the last stop!
3 more "batons" to go
So, don't give up yet!
Up and Down, Up and Down!
This game is as competitive as it gets!
Race to the Top Interactive Rental

Fun Derby



30'L x 28'W x 10'H

And they're off!
Down the stretch they're wire to wire!
Number 2 is jockeying for position!
But wait, Number 3 is coming like fire!
They're neck and neck.
This race is going to be so close!
It's a photo finish!
And the favorite has won by a nose!
Fun Derby Inflatable Horse Race

The Grand Carnival Inflatable


8'L x 20'W x 12'H

Can hold up to 4 games

The Grand Carnival Game with prizes
The Grand Carnival
Give your Corporate Event
That extra Carnival feel!
Rent The Grand Carnival
Because it's the real deal!
With carnival games to play
And prizes to give away!
Your guests will have no shame!
As they play each Carnival Game!

The Grand Carnival Only

and use your own games, prizes, and attendants.

The Grand Carnival

with 4 Carnival Games 

And use your own prizes and attendants


Prize Package Price

(Price of Package depends on prizes and # of hours)

The Grand Carnival

with 4 Carnival Games,

Prizes, and


Carnival Games for the Grand Carnival

Balloon Pop Carnival Event Game
Balloon Pop
Carnival Game
Clown Tooth Knock Out Carnival Event Game
Clown Tooth
Knock Out Game
Hit the Bucket Carnival Event Game
Hit The Bucket
Carnival Game
Stand a Bottle Carnival Event Game
Stand A Bottle
Carnival Game
Shock Wave Carnival Event Game
Shock Wave
Carnival Game
Down a Clown Carnival Event Game
Down A Clown
Carnival Game
Can Smash Carnival Event Game
Can Smash
Carnival Game
Ring Toss Carnival Game
Ring Toss
Carnival Game

The Vault Carnival Game


Can be rented by itself for $250

or in place of one of the Carnival Games

for the Grand Carnival for an additional $175

The Vault Carnival Game.png
The Vault
You have 30 seconds to figure out the code!
That unlocks THE VAULT or it will explode!
(Just kidding)
But seriously,
Watch the video and you will see
How fun unlocking The Vault can be!
Watch Video >

Water Game Trailer

Great for Corporate Events, Church and School

Spring and Fall Festivals!


35'L x 35'W x 16'H

Prizes Included (Different Packages Available) 

Price Includes Attendant

Water Game Trailer
Aim the water at the target
To make your turtle rise!
If you reach the top
Before everyone else,
You get to take home a prize!
The Water Game Trailer is
One of the most favorite
Corporate Event Pieces we rent!
So, give them a prize
To keep forever
And they'll never forget your event!

We have

different size

prize packages

to fit your budget!

Game Trailers
Game Trailers

Water Game Trailer Prizes

press to zoom
Water Game Trailer Rentals
Water Game Trailer Rentals

Water Game Trailer Prize Package 2

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Water Game Trailer for Corporate Car
Water Game Trailer for Corporate Car

Water Game Trailer

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Game Trailers
Game Trailers

Water Game Trailer Prizes

press to zoom


This unit comes with a generator

You need to provide a hose and a water source

To fill the water tank

Call For Pricing

(Some conditions may apply)

Rental Price is based on 

Prize package, # of Hours, and Distance

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