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These bounce houses are just a sample of what we have available, but we have narrowed down some top picks when it comes to Event Style Bounce Houses.

If you are doing a particular theme for your Corporate Event, Carnival Event, Church, School or College Event, we have tons of themes available too!

Giant Rush Corporate Event Obstacle Course

Each lane


120 Feet


If you want your
Corporate Carnival Event
To have the
Biggest and the best!
Give them a Giant Rush!
But then,
make sure they
get some rest!
Giant Rush Carnival Event Obstacle Course
Giant Rush Obstacle Course
This Obstacle Course is Giant!
So get ready for a rush of fun!
60 Feet from front to back
But turn around! You're not done!
60 MORE feet to race through,
Before you can finish this ride.
120 total feet of obstacles,
Including a HUGE 22 foot high slide!
Giant Rush
Obstacle Course
60'L x 18'W x 22'H
Radical Run Obstacle Course Corporate Event Rental
Radical Run
Obstacle Course
Radical Run Obstacle Course
Look at this Radical Run!
It's Radical all right!
95 feet of Obstacles
And a Slide that is Out of Sight!
If you want your Corporate Event
To be an awesome success!
Then, we have obstacle courses
That WILL impress!
Radical Run Carnival Event Rental
95'L x 13'W x 15'H

Each lane


95 Feet


Mega Obstacle Course
There are different configurations
for the Mega Obstacle Course!
Because we know each
Event space is different too.
A long set up or 
a more square shaped set up!
Which one works for you?
Mega Obstacle Course Corporate Event Rental
Church and School Obstacle Course Event Rentals
Mega Obstacle Course Carnival Event Rental
Large Obstacle Course Rentals



for this



Obstacle Course
35'L x 28'W x 18'H Square Set Up
63'L x 28'W x 18'H Long Set Up
74' Double Trouble Corporate Event Obstacle Course Rental
74' Double Trouble
Obstacle Course
74'L x 13'W x 18'H
74' Double Trouble Obstacle Course
No Carnival Event
Would be complete
Without an obstacle course
To defeat!
Double the Obstacles!
For Double the Fun!
It's a race to the finish!
So, get ready to run!
Boulder Dash Corporate Event Obstacle Course Rental
Boulder Dash!
This Obstacle Course
has a secret surprise waiting for you!
So, go ahead and try to
Dash on through!
Run, Duck, and Jump to the end
if you dare!
Because Boulders are swinging
Boulder Dash Church Event Obstacle Course Rental
Perfect Corporate Event Idea!
Play while you wait!
You heard me right!
No boring standing in line
It's time to fight!
So, swing that boulder
While your dear friend tries to run!
And knock them off the obstacles!
See, waiting CAN be fun!
Boulder Dash
Obstacle Course
50'L x 15'W x 15'H
65' Spartan Supreme  Event Obstacle Course
Why not rent a Spartan Supreme Obstacle Course?
For your Corporate Event,
Church Spring or Fall Festival,
It will keep your Spartans on the move!
Entertained, and  having the time of their life!
At any College or School Carnival!
65' Spartan Supreme
Obstacle Course
65'L x 11'W x 16'H
Who wants to enter the Fun Run?
I'm talking Fun Run Supreme!
With lots of obstacles and a rock climb slide
Supreme FUN is what I mean!
This obstacle course is perfect
For a School or Church event!
And if you're looking to stay in budget,
This is the obstacle course to rent!
61' Fun Run Supreme
Obstacle Course
61'L x 11'W x 16'H
X-treme X Corporate Event Obstacle Course
It's time for some
X-Treme X fun!
So, stretch those legs
And get ready to run!
No one's sitting around
At YOUR event!
I know you'll say:
"Best money I've spent!"
X-Treme X
Obstacle Course
46'L x 11'W x 10'H
38' Double Trouble Corporate Carnival Event Obstacle Course
38' Double Trouble
Obstacle Course
38'L x 11'W x 15'H
38' Double Trouble Obstacle Course
38 feet of nothing but obstacles!
Tunnels and Pop ups
And Arches and Walls!
Can you make it?
Will you win?
Get ready to race
Your competition calls!
35' Spartan Sprint Event Obstacle Course Rental
Are your Spartan warriors
Ready for some action?
Then, this obstacle course
Will be your "MAIN EVENT" attraction!
35' Spartan Sprint
Obstacle Course
35'L x 11'W x 12'H
We call this inflatable the FUN RUN,
But, actually, it's SO MUCH MORE!
With tunnels, and pop ups,
And Squeeze-throughs,
It's full of obstacles galore!
31' Fun Run
Obstacle Course
31'L x 11'W x 7'H
Xtreme Run Obstacle Course
I Xtreme Run
Obstacle Course
29'L x 16'W x 15'H
I Xtreme Obstacle Course
For Corporate, Church,
or School Events,
This obstacle course is
The one you want!
It's easy for you to monitor
Because you only need
One person at the front!
So, are you ready
for an Incredible Race?
Well, then here we go!
Pick up the pace!
So, you want the I-Xtreme Obstacle Course,
But it's a hot outside, I know!
We have the solution to fill your needs,
The brand new I-Xtreme Retro!
Complete with splash pool,
It's time to get wet!
It's a race to the finish,
Best I-Xtreme yet!
I - Xtreme Retro
Obstacle Course
40'L x 16'W x 16'H
Caterpillar Craze Obstacle Course Event Rental
Caterpillar Craze Obstacle Course
Don't forget the little ones
At your Corporate Carnival Event!
This Caterpillar Craze
has structured tubes
To keep it standing tall!
So, when you enter or exit,
Don't worry!
This Caterpillar will not fall!
(Unlike other
caterpillar obstacle courses
that are completely filled with air.
When you enter or exit,
you literally let the air out
that is holding up the entire inflatable) 
No Structured Walls
Theirs deflates
Caterpillar Craze
Obstacle Course
30'L x 11'W x 12'H
We have more Inflatable Obstacle Courses!
So, if you're having a special theme for your Corporate Event, Church Fall Festival, School Spring Fling, Fundraiser, or College Event,
Click on Links Below to see our full line of Inflatable Obstacle Coarses and Themes!
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