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These bounce houses are just a sample of what we have available, but we have narrowed down some top picks when it comes to Event Style Bounce Houses.

If you are doing a particular theme for your Corporate Event, Carnival Event, Church, School or College Event, we have tons of themes available too!

Monster Truck
33'L x 13'W  x 18'H
1. Jump  2. Climb  3. Slide
Monster Truck Corporate Event Idea
Go ahead!
Impress your
Corporate Event Attendees!
Because when they see this
Monster Truck Mayhem,
Their chin will drop to their knees!
Princess Carriage
35'L x 14'W x 16'H
1. Jump  2. Climb  3. Slide
Princess Carriage Corporate Event Idea
Time to turn that little frown
Totally upside down!   :)
And spoil the princesses
at your event
with the BEST
Princess Carriage in town!
Pirate Ship Corporate Event Inflatable Rental
Pirate Ship
27'L x 18'W x 18'H
1. Jump  2. Climb  3. Slide
Jump on that deck!
Slide down that slide!
This Buccaneer ship is ready to ride!

From bow to stern she's 27 feet long
Raise the sails 18 feet to the sky
And shiver me timbers she's 18' wide!
Tiger Belly
Bouncer Combo
17'L x 28'W x 14'H
Police Dog Belly Corporate Event Bouncer Rental
Police Dog Belly
Bouncer Combo
17'L x 28'W x 14'H
Fire Dog Belly Corporate Event Bouncer Rental
Fire Dog Belly
Bouncer Combo
17'L x 28'W x 14'H
If you're looking for unique
Corporate Event Ideas
These belly bouncers will do the trick!
For Fire Truck and Rescue themes
The Police or Fire Dog are the ones to pick!
But if you just want an adorable bouncer combo
The Tiger Belly is the one!
The wonderful thing about Tiggers,
Is Tiggers are wonderful things!
They're bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy
Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun!
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Corporate Event Inflatable Rental
Backyard Mickey Mouse Combo
(15'L + Step) = 18'L x 15'W x 14'H
Includes Basketball Net Inside
Mickey Mouse Corporate Event Ideas
You can't go wrong
With Mickey Mouse!
He's an all time favorite
Combo Bounce House!
And with Minnie
By his side,
It will be a complete Disney event
Package ride!
Minnie Mouse Corporate Event Inflatable Rental
Backyard Minnie Mouse Combo
(15'L + Step) = 18'L x 15'W x 14'H
Includes Basketball Net Inside
Corporate Event Inflatable Bouncer Combo Rental
Corporate Event Carousel Inflatable Bouncer Rentals
Carousel Inflatables
A Crazy Color Combo
Will brighten up
Your School Event!
But it doesn't stop there!
We have lots of
Inflatables to rent!
If you're having a Carnival Themed Party,
Then this Carousel Combo is for you!
Jump, Shoot Hoops,
Climb and Slide down!
There are even
Inflatable horses
To ride too!
Crazy Color Combo
20'L x 16'W x 18'H
Includes Basketball Net
Carousel Combo
25'L x 20'W  x 18'H
Has Basketball Net & Inflated Horses
Corporate Event Inflatable Jump Slide Combo Rental
Boot Camp Combo
Dry (13'L + Step) = 16'L x 28'W x 18'H
Has basketball net inside
And a Double Lane Slide
Corporate Event Sports Inflatable Bouncer Combo Rental
3D Sports Combo
(13'L + Step) = 16'L x 28'W x 18'H
Includes Basketball Net
And a Single Lane Slide
Corporate Event Disney Frozen Inflatable Slide Rental
3D Frozen
5 in 1 Combo
Corporate Event Spongebob Inflatable Slide Rental
3D Spongebob
5 in 1 Combo
Corporate Event Disney Princess Inflatable Slide Rental
3D Princess
5 in 1 Combo
Corporate Event Sesame Street Inflatable Slide Rental
3D Sesame St.
5 in 1 Combo
Corporate Event Disney Cars Inflatable Slide Rental
3D Cars
5 in 1 Combo
Corporate Event Batman Inflatable Slide Rental
3D Batman
5 in 1 Combo
Give your Corporate Event that extra special touch!
When you rent a 3D-5 in 1 that the little ones love so much!
(21'L + Step) = 23'L x 21'W x 15'H
Has Basketball Net and Obstacles
Mickey Park
Toddler Inflatable
22'L x 22'W x 13'H
Corporate Even Ideas with Inflatables
Toy Story Toddler Town
Toddler Inflatable
14'L x 16'W x 7'H
Corporate Event Ideas with animals
Animal Kingdom
Toddler Inflatable
17'L x 18'W x 9'H
Corporate Event Ideas with farm animals
My Little Farm Playground
Toddler Inflatable
16'L x 19'W x 8'H
Corporate Event Ideas with Disney
Frozen Toddler Town
Toddler Inflatable
18'L x 18'W x 8.5'H
Corporate Event Ideas for families
Hello Kitty Toddler Town
Toddler Inflatable
22'L x 22'W x 12'H
When planning your Corporate Event,
Don't forget the little ones in the family!
They need their own special place to play,
To keep them safe, entertained, and happy!
These toddler inflatables have open tops
So, parents can watch them play!
And don't you know that's what they'll do!
Because toddlers can play all day!
Toddler Fun Express Train
28'L x 22'W  x 9'H
Maximum weight per passenger
is 100 lbs.
Inflatable Bouncer Combo Rental
Inflatable Bouncer Combo Rental
Inflatable Bouncer Combo Rental
We have more Inflatable Combo Bouncers!
So, if you're having a special theme for your Corporate Event, Church Fall Festival, School Spring Fling, Fundraiser, or College Event,
Click on Links Below to see our full line of Inflatable Combo Bouncers and Themes!
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