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Toddler Fun Express Train Inflatable
Thomas The Train Inflatable Rentals
Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga
Choo Choo!
All Aboooooard!
Right through the locomotive!
Crawl, slide, and wiggle your way
Through over 50 feet of obstacles, slides, and pop ups
Until you finally reach the caboose!
When you get off the train you end up right in the middle
Of the town playland!
Play in the town for a awhile, then take another ride around
the Fun Express Train!
Inflatable Train Rentals
Inflatable Train Rentals
Toddler Inflatable Train Rental
Thomas the Train Rentals

Big Difference!!

The Fun Express Train moonwalk is made DIFFERENT
than any of the other toddler units
that are similar to the one on the right.
You see the front of the caterpillar's face-
This is where the kids enter.
There are no columns holding this caterpillar up.
The entire caterpillar is filled with the air from the blower.
Therefore, when they open the front of the face to enter,
some of the air escapes which can cause the unit to collapse some.
Also, if the unit is worn and the front (or exit)
does not seal completely,
then the unit cannot even hold the air it needs
to stay completely inflated even after the kids are inside.
Caterpillar Obstacle Course Rentals
The Fun Express Train
is made with a structure
of inflated columns
as well as an inflated floor.
It cannot collapse when entering
or exiting the unit.
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